Silver Wheaton Corp.

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In 2004, Silver Wheaton was the first to use the precious metals streaming model for funding mine development.

Within a few years, we had partnered with many of the mining industry’s most respected operators, and secured streaming agreements on some of the highest quality, low cost mines that continue to this day.

For our mining partners, streaming provides up-front funding in exchange for a future stream of typically “non-core” metals—such as the silver from a lead / zinc mine, or the gold from a copper mine. The streaming model is not as restrictive as traditional financing, and it does not dilute mining partner’s shareholders.

For investors, streaming is a uniquely low-risk, high-potential opportunity to invest in precious metals. The Company offers investors leverage to increasing silver and gold prices, a sustainable dividend, and both organic and acquisition growth opportunities. We offer these benefits while at the same time seek to reduce many of the downside risks faced by traditional mining companies. 

The Silver Wheaton name had a long and proud history of innovation in mine funding. It served us well in our early years.

However, it has one limitation: we do not restrict our business to silver. Globally, silver is a relatively small market, especially when compared to the gold market. Years ago we began expanding into gold. Since 2013, the majority of our growth has been in gold, and we see continued opportunities in that space.

The new name—Wheaton Precious Metals—confirms that we are a precious metals company in the tradition of Silver Wheaton. It informs our current and future investors that they are benefiting from a diversified portfolio, not one that is restricted to a single metal. And it invites more mine operators to partner with us on potentially new and valuable streaming agreements.